Friday, January 27, 2006

Special Vision
The search for a pradise that has disappeared, the reflections on the simple and invisible things of this world, the depth of substance of creatures, and a penetration into the profundityof the human spirit......
This is my particular world,
My paintings, are expressions full of modernity, they are also childish dreams in color , expressive of the sweet passing of the beauty, the symbols and the myths of old civilization.
The creatures of my work are mythical poems illuminated by the charm of my country (Mesopotamia) which comes from the distant past part of it still found in natur, the other part already perished.
It is pure, personal discovery.
I am inspired
by ancient civilization and religious myths, fables and popular art.
I look to the art of children and the designs of ancient cave- dwellers.
I look for new horizons that have no ending.
My world seems strange to many people, but it is real, and has the taste of modernity.
When I paint, I fell that I live in an ancient world, or like a child who has just begun to learn to paint with total happiness.
Sadradeen Ameen


Blogger BOUKERCH MOHAMED بوكرش محمد said...

الى حد الآن، تجدني معجبا بك، أنت صدر الدين أمين، الذي عرف كيف يستنطق الجمال القديم بجمال جديد
جديد القديم هذا الذي ثارت له ثائرة فاقدينها وراحوا يضنون عبثا أنهم بامكانهم اتلاف ذلك الذي يسري كالنار في الهشيم ذلك الذي يتكاثر وينتشر بأتوماتكيةالوراثة والا شعور،متناسين السؤال : من أين ذاك الغصن ؟، حبوا أم كرهوا فهو من تلك الشجرة
خير خلف لخير سلف باختصار هو أنت يا..... أمين .الفنان الجزائري محمد بوكرش

2:29 PM  

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