Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Drawings begin at the hands of children and end at the hands of adults.
The heart dies when the feeling dies.
Original beauty is in original thought.
The story of my life started with the first painting I drew.
When paintings become old they also become more beautiful and wise.
Nothing is more precious than a true faith.
I die when my childhood dies.
My childhood is the most beautiful flower in my life.
I draw what I believe and I believe what I draw.
If God had created me as a lion, I would wish to be created as a wise ant.
Art is a road and an artist is the directory.
Art is like life: it has everything.
I draw what I see is true. I do not draw what others see is true. 
In art, madness is stronger than logic.
O artist, always remember that you are an artist.
He who missed the spirit of childhood ages prematurely.
My vision of art stems from my vision of life.
Pure art is associated with pure love.
What saddens me most in this world that the blind cannot see my paintings.

Monday, July 30, 2012

I wish I was born, lived, and died in the jungle.
Through drawing, I discovered the meaning of human existence.
Drawing taught me patience and patience opened life's doors to me.
Drawing is silent music that we see and do not hear.
Beautiful and good paintings, like music, serve as an evolution of human senses.
A great artist is a great anthropologist because anthropology is a compendium of basic science and humanity.
Whenever a new artist is born, the beauty of the world increases.
Every great artist is a young child, even when he becomes an old man.
Behind each original painting is a thoroughbred artist.
I draw, therefore I live to draw.
Fantasy is the secret of art.
Art is love and love is art.
My paintings are myself.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

A genuine desire generates real art.
Within each painting is another painting that is the spirit of the painting.
Talent is nothing without experience and experience is nothing without work. 
My favorite color is green, a symbol of nature and eternal life in paradise. 
Draw with your eyes, color with your heart, and leave the rest to God.
Drawing is only imagination and eyes.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

I live in color and color lives in me.
An artist who knows his art, knows himself.
An artist who knows the value of his art is one who knows the value of himself.
Artists die when inspiration dies.
Often my paintings are formed in moments of madness.
I was born a painter and as a painter I live until I die a painter.
I am in the heart of art, because art is in my heart.
I saw, I love, I paint.
O madmen take wisdom from the mouths of artists.
If I was not a painter I would wish to be a painter.
Follow the advice of your teacher, but do not be his follower.
Life will disappear when art disappears.