Friday, December 28, 2012

I appreciate those who appreciate art.

Real paintings are  eternal love stories.

Painters paint gifts for unknown creatures.

A painting is a fanciful creature.

The painter is an imaginary creature.

A painting is a painter's address.

Each painting is a window to life.

Wherever I look in nature, I find exquisite paintings.

No nice place is complete without the touch of a beautiful artist.

I draw to remember and remember to tell.

I do not draw to earn money but to earn humans.
The only thing that is not boring is art.

Good taste is in the healthy mind.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Behind every important painter is an important painting.

Wherever I paint is my studio.

The studio does not create a painter, a painter  creates the studio.

The whole earth is my studio.

Rome did not make artists.

If you know who you are, you will know who you have been.

Never let your painting get lonely.

A painter is fire and a painting is light.

The supplication of the artist is answered.

Blessed are the builders of museums, for they worship beauty.

There is science in art.

Life is made of seasons and each seasons has its time.

A painting is music to those who listen to it.

Painting is a garden and painter is a gardener.

The age of a painting is the age of  painter.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The only truth in a painting is fiction.

Experience is my first and last teacher.

All new icons in art originate from ancient symbols.

True beauty comes from true art and true art comes from a true artist.

Choose the whole beauty or none of it at all.

To find the spiritual meaning in a painting, start by thinking beyond understanding until you reach the essence of the painting.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Drawing gives me vigor and a new spirit which brings me to an unknown world.

I draw several paintings in one painting and in a several paintings in a single painting.

I paint as a child playing with his first toys and like an old man painting his last painting.

Each style has its own time and each time has its own style.

Land is a small cave in a great universe.

Noble art is in the noble mind.

Each new painting needs new eyes.

Art alone saves the world from ugliness.

Each real painting must be entered into real hearts.

The search for the meaning of art gives art meaning.

My paintings seek eternity.

My world is another world.

My paintings are gardens in the sky.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Every girl in the world is a painting.

Each rose in the garden is a painting.

Every child in the world is a painting.